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The Discipleship School is a training program designed to facilitate spiritual growth for people of any background, vocation, or season of life.

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The purpose of the Discipleship School is to provide a hands-on learning environment that empowers you to deepen your walk with God, walk in life-long fruitfulness, and discover your unique purpose in life. Simply put, the Antioch Discipleship School provides training for living life on mission.

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Night School
The Night Discipleship School meets one night a week for two semesters (running in both the spring and the fall) and is designed primarily for those with daytime responsibilities, full-time careers, and families.

Day School
The Day Discipleship School is designed primarily for college students and young adults and runs from September to mid-May, with a month-long outreach trip to follow. Class meets Monday-Thursday from 8am-12pm at the church.