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Envisioning and equipping families to love God, love each other, and love the world.

Thrive Resources ––


Moms of Littles

Every Sunday, our amazing Kids Ministry team and committed volunteers teach Biblical truths that help children experience who God is and discover that they can have a powerful, personal relationship with Him.

What to Expect ––

We are passionate about seeing families, adults, and empty-nesters be fully given to Jesus and His purposes in the earth. We want to partner with and equip families and adults to live healthy, whole, and engaged lives in what God is doing all around them.


Lifegroups meet in homes throughout the week and provide a place to go deeper in community and learn to grow as disciples of Jesus through intentional investment in each other’s lives. For our family Lifegroups, we have trained college-aged volunteers that help facilitate a Lifegroup for the kids while the parents are gathered.

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